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    Cannot Batch Edit Anymore


      Hello photoshop world,

      So my Photoshop CC 2015 just recently stopped allowing me to batch edit. None of my preset Actions will work anymore.

      Once I click OK to begin the batch, a little screen pops up that says "The command ______ is not currently available" then to stop or continue (continue does nothing)

      The particular command switched depending on what preset Action I have it set on.


      Is there a way to fix this or did I just unknowingly change my settings so that I cannot batch edit anymore?



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you talking about batch editing in Camera Raw, or actually Photoshop? What exactly is your work flow? Any reason you're still using 2015?

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            If Photoshop use to work well for you and now it does not. The first thing to do is look are all document states and tools setting.  If all look Good try resetting all Photoshop Tools.  If Photoshop is still not working correctly try resetting your User ID Photoshop Preferences.  CC 2017 is the current Photoshop version. However I use CC 2014 its the best version for me.