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    What happened with the update?? Some javascript affected

    pdfUser1 Level 1

      Let me explain the best I can. I use the Acrobat Reader DC on a PC system at work. When I went to open my PDF forms (I created) I got this window saying something like this "processing 5 pages...please wait". I didn't think anything of the window thinking it was just updating the Reader. But, I soon found out my document and embedded javascripts were altered. Meaning, some of the fields wouldn't let me enter text, or some of the drop downs wouldn't allow me to enter items and item prices. Also, every drop down would drop down, then close, then drop down when clicked and the drop down list is twice as long, the drop downs list shows approx 20 to 30 items. In the past, I mean like just yesterday, everything worked fine. I don't like what happened to the Reader and it interferes with my day at work. Does this sounds familiar. Has anyone encountered this or can someone tell me how to fix this problem so I can get my documents back to normal?


      Can someone shed some light on if Adobe does updates (to a PC) without the users consent? Cause I didn't consent to whatever happened.


      Should I trash the Reader and try to install it again? I don't know what to do. I'm on a Mac and I just got in, booted up my computer and tried my same document and everything seems to work as it did yesterday and in the past without any problems, but I have to have this issue figured out by work time on Monday.