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    Can't find cp files

    captivating1 Level 1
      Good morning. I have had a problem with my projects disappearing from the Captivate menu. This has happened before, and just as it disappeared, it appeared once again when I rebooted my computer; however, this time it has not returned. I do have saved copies of it but they are published, I cannot find the cp files. Can anyone tell me where I would go to find these? Or are they gone for good? (Hope not)

      Thank you.

      Captivating 1
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there

          Questions for you.

          Where are your files when you are working on them? Local PC or network?
          Are you by chance also using RoboHelp?

          Cheers... Rick
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            captivating1 Level 1
            Hi Rick, yes, I am connected to a network, and no, I am not using RoboHelp. However, I did a search and I found the cp file in the recycling bin, how it got there only the good Lord knows. I pulled it out. I do have another question. I have been saving my projects to my H/drive. When I try to open the cp files, it asks me for my serial number. Is that supposed to happen?

            Thanks Rick for your help.

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