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    Glitchy, Quirky, Buggy, Unusable

      Adobe Presenter has yet to create a glitch-free Flash animation for me. It may work alright for the simplest of presentations, but as soon as it encounters any animations or transitions the insanity begins, with the Flash output pulling graphics from one slide into another or intermittently swapping out background images. The quiz function is plagued by this flakiness as well. While not as full-featured, there are free online services like SlideBoom that actually do a better job of translating .ppt files into Flash, so why can't Presenter seem to get it right? I've tried to make these glitches reproducible and to identify exactly what conditions trigger a bug, but they occur with such randomness and frequency that it's an impossible task.

      Are there any professionals who use this product to produce professional-looking output without having to hack apart their presentations and strip them of images and animations just to get something halfway functional?
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          retro74 Level 1
          Upgrade your version of FLASH on your computer and try again.

          What version of PowerPoint are you running?

          Contact Technical Support if the Flash Update does not fix your issues.

          Joe C.
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            SenseiMike Level 1

            AP 7 crashes every time I attempt to capture video with my web cam. I actually like Adobe Presenter as I've been using the prior 2 versions. However, you are correct in that there are always bugs and going beyond the basic is fraught with land mines. My biggest disappointment however is the complete lack of community revolving around this product. This board is a ghost town. Too bad Adobe doesn't support their products like Articulate does. If you want a better (albeit more expensive) product, then Articulate Presenter is the way to go. It already equals what Adobe Presenter does, plus adds web object support (a moronic oversight by Adobe) and is coming out with a new version soon. Again, I like Adobe Presenter, but if I had the $, I'd quickly hustle over the Articulate side as they have a rabid user base and a higher quality product.