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    Embed / attach another form into a LiveCycle form

    rakeshk21205956 Level 1

      I have been working on a form in LiveCycle recently, and had a request to add a button a user can click, that will bring up another form that is attached to it.


      I used to do this with ease in Acrobat Pro, by adding an attachment, and then creating a button that will open that attachment, however I am a bit stumped as to how to do this in LiveCycle, and since my form was created in LiveCycle, I can no longer edit it or add this functionality in Acrobat Pro.


      Just to reiterate / clarify, here is what I am trying to do:


      - Embed another document into my LiveCycle Form (i.e. - Combine them, though the second document isn't visible until you click a button.)

        - Add a button into my LiveCycle Form which when clicked, will open the second form


      Thanks in Advance