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    Which is the latest update of Adobe Muse that is STABLE?!


      Hello again. The problem in question is the next one : I have ported a project to the MusexPress WordPress CMS system and now I want to integrate the Blog function in the site. The problem is that the widgets are made with a newer version of my current Muse edition and it won't load. (I get an error that says this)


      So, more detailed questions around this matter :


      1.) How can I find the version of the software that was used to create the .mulib files?

      2.) Assuming that the first answer can't be answered that easily - which is the latest STABLE and BUG FREE update for Muse? I know Adobe f*%$#@ up the latest releases very hard so I stayed with 2017.0 Release.

      3.) Maybe I can request MuseGain the .mulib files repacked by a older version of Muse. What is your thoughts on this one?


      I really need to get this thing working and it's very frustrating just from reading about the latest feedback about Muse & Updates... I am really considering to abandon this software in the future, if it will continue on this self-destructive path, sadly..