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    Flash Builder & High Sierra

    App runner KG Level 1

      Flash Builder crashes with High Sierra. Will there be a BUGFIX?? and WHEN??

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          kawikaheftel Level 3

          as of today, I purchased and switched to IntelliJ IDEA and am in the process of importing my flash builder projects, as I'm on high sierra and can't roll back, and flash builder crashes every time I hit the "export release build" button. There's gonna be a learning curve, but I'm confident I'll be able to navigate it, since IDEA still gets updates, and Flash Builder hasn't in a long time. I've used flash builder for a long time, and I'm sad to let it go, but it hasn't been updated since 2012.


          The Starling creator has also switched to IDEA, as he explains here: The Starling Manual

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            App runner KG Level 1



            it is a shame of Adobe to let Flash Builder die. We pay for this and no one of Adobe is sending a reply to our questions. The behavior of Adobe is absolutely in-acceptable.

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              App runner KG Level 1

              unfortunately crashes also. tried it. I did a computer reset and installed Sierra again. now I will try to find a real alternative to flash builder. as adobe does not move one finger and only takes monthly fees I am really angry with this arrogant behavior.

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                Peter Hahmann Level 1



                I did a clean install of High Sierra (17A405) and APFS on my SSD. Following the tutorial bellow and also adding "-Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true" to FB's .ini, did the job.


                JAVA 7/8 - http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplayer/2016/09/running-adobe-flash-builder-on-mac-with-java-78 .html#sthash.es1QUIOA.dpbs


                To export the Release Build, I'm using ADT (Command-line):


                /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/sdks/4.16.0_air_25/bin/adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore /path_to_cert/cert.p12 -tsa "http://sha256timestamp.ws.symantec.com/sha256/timestamp" ~/Desktop/MyAirApp.air /path_to_project/bin-debug/MyAirApp-app.xml -C /path_to_project/bin-debug MyAirApp.swf any_aditional_folder_or_assets


                * The tutorial does not work for Java 9;

                * Some things of IDE related are a little buggy;

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                  jwatson000 Level 1

                  I fixed my version of High Sierra by using homebrew to install java6:


                  See this article for instructions:


                  osx - Mac OS X and multiple Java versions - Stack Overflow


                  Works like a charm so far.  I wasted weeks some time ago truing to get Flash Builder to work with Java 8 and finally gave up, convinced it is not possible without very serious bugs and other issues, even with the workarounds posted.

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                    Yozef0 Level 1

                    Hi jwatson000, were you able to run Adobe Flash Builder (and able to Release a Build which is the moment FB crashes) just by having multiple versions of Java including Java 6 on MacOS High Sierra?


                    Anything else you did in order to have Flash Builder use Java 6, and the rest of the OS use Java 8?


                    Any help would go a long way.

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                      jwatson000 Level 1

                      Sorry I haven't tried Release a Build, as I use Ant scripting and the command line tools for that.

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                        fengd9946600 Level 1



                        I recently upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.4 and Flash Build behaves odd. The following simple code cause my mobile app crash on iOS 11.3 ( didn't try it on Android yet).


                        The following function handles http responses. It crashes when a response arrived and works fine if I remove the try/catch clause. If I turn on the xCode debugging, xCode debugger reports EXE_BAD_ACCESS at somewhere in the memory stack.  My work can't proceed...%#@#!#^$*


                          protected function onManagerResponse(data:Object, responseUrl:String, urlRequest:URLRequest, httpStatusCode:Number):void {


                          trace(LOG,"[onManagerResponse] HTTP response:");

                          try {


                          } catch (e1:Error) {






                        The API of Flex is 4.16 and Air 28. I installed both java 6 and 8, JAVA_HOME point to java8


                        java -version

                        java version "1.8.0_162"

                        Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_162-b12)

                        Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.162-b12, mixed mode)

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                          fengd9946600 Level 1

                          Well, everything back to normal after I close FB and start it again. But before that, it did crash many times by tried deleting each line within the try/catch clause till nothing.

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                            fengd9946600 Level 1

                            And now I periodically but not every time get the following compile time error:


                            final section layout:

                                __TEXT/__text addr=0x00009F00, size=0x029C88B4, fileOffset=0x00005F00, type=1

                                __TEXT/__picsymbolstub4 addr=0x029D27B4, size=0x00003130, fileOffset=0x029CE7B4, type=28

                                __TEXT/__stub_helper addr=0x029D58E4, size=0x000024C0, fileOffset=0x029D18E4, type=32

                                __TEXT/__gcc_except_tab addr=0x029D7DA4, size=0x00031D08, fileOffset=0x029D3DA4, type=0

                                __TEXT/__cstring addr=0x02A09AB0, size=0x0003B0F3, fileOffset=0x02A05AB0, type=13

                                __TEXT/__objc_methname addr=0x02A44BA3, size=0x00016BA5, fileOffset=0x02A40BA3, type=14

                                __TEXT/__objc_classname addr=0x02A5B748, size=0x000018BF, fileOffset=0x02A57748, type=14

                                __TEXT/__objc_methtype addr=0x02A5D007, size=0x000177C8, fileOffset=0x02A59007, type=14

                                __TEXT/__const addr=0x02A747D0, size=0x0092B4C0, fileOffset=0x02A707D0, type=0

                                __TEXT/__ustring addr=0x0339FC90, size=0x00000354, fileOffset=0x0339BC90, type=16

                                __DATA/__nl_symbol_ptr addr=0x033A0000, size=0x00004FE4, fileOffset=0x0339C000, type=29

                                __DATA/__la_symbol_ptr addr=0x033A4FE4, size=0x00000C4C, fileOffset=0x033A0FE4, type=27

                                __DATA/__mod_init_func addr=0x033A5C30, size=0x00000028, fileOffset=0x033A1C30, type=33

                                __DATA/__const addr=0x033A5C60, size=0x0014C3F0, fileOffset=0x033A1C60, type=0

                                __DATA/__cfstring addr=0x034F2050, size=0x000069C0, fileOffset=0x034EE050, type=17

                                __DATA/__objc_classlist addr=0x034F8A10, size=0x00000354, fileOffset=0x034F4A10, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_nlclslist addr=0x034F8D64, size=0x00000008, fileOffset=0x034F4D64, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_catlist addr=0x034F8D6C, size=0x00000040, fileOffset=0x034F4D6C, type=24

                                __DATA/__objc_nlcatlist addr=0x034F8DAC, size=0x00000004, fileOffset=0x034F4DAC, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_protolist addr=0x034F8DB0, size=0x000000E8, fileOffset=0x034F4DB0, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_imageinfo addr=0x034F8E98, size=0x00000008, fileOffset=0x034F4E98, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_const addr=0x034F8EA0, size=0x00018474, fileOffset=0x034F4EA0, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_selrefs addr=0x03511314, size=0x00002CF4, fileOffset=0x0350D314, type=15

                                __DATA/__objc_protorefs addr=0x03514008, size=0x00000004, fileOffset=0x03510008, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_classrefs addr=0x0351400C, size=0x00000550, fileOffset=0x0351000C, type=23

                                __DATA/__objc_superrefs addr=0x0351455C, size=0x00000254, fileOffset=0x0351055C, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_ivar addr=0x035147B0, size=0x00000F18, fileOffset=0x035107B0, type=0

                                __DATA/__objc_data addr=0x035156C8, size=0x00002148, fileOffset=0x035116C8, type=0

                                __DATA/__data addr=0x03517810, size=0x0005D5B8, fileOffset=0x03513810, type=0

                                __DATA/__bss addr=0x03574DD0, size=0x00003AEC, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25

                                __DATA/__common addr=0x035788C0, size=0x00012184, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25

                            ld: b/bl/blx ARM branch out of range (-33554433 max is +/-32MB): from _AOTBuildOutput-0000001027_1088:3:robotlegs.bender.extensions.viewManager::StageCrawlerEx tension/scanViewManagedContainers (0x027D98C4) to __ZN7avmplus14coerceobj_atomEPNS_9MethodEnvEiPNS_6TraitsE.island.2 (0x01C0B968) in '_AOTBuildOutput-0000001027_1088:3:robotlegs.bender.extensions.viewManager::StageCrawlerE xtension/scanViewManagedContainers' from AOTBuildOutput-0000001027_1088.o for architecture armv7


                            Does anyone had recommendation?

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                              fengd9946600 Level 1

                              Not sure if this is because of High Sierra 64 bit migration ..., once the addressing is out of 32MB, it reports error ???