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    Saving files


      I transitioned from PSE to PS 2017. In PSE, I'm used to editing the file, then clicking the "X" to close it and getting a message to ask if I want to save changes, then after answering yes, the folder opens and I can save as copy or rename.


      With PS, I close it and get the message about saving changes, but it just closes the file. It doesn't open the folder so I can save as copy or rename. I have to go to File, then Save As in order to rename. Then go to the edited file which doesn't close, close it and say that I don't want to save changes. Because I don't want to lose the changes, I will double-check that I have saved it so as to not lose the changes, before answering no.


      I have searched and searched in preferences, but can't seem to find any way of changing this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The pop-up Dialog should have three choices. The the default reply is yes and if you use yes. If the document was never saved  you should get a save as dialog where you can saver it to wherever you want with the name you   This should also happened if you have opened a flat file and have now added layers. If the current document  was opened from a file or you save it to a file and then made additional changes the reply yes should save and  overwrite  the opened or saved file without a save dialog.  If Yes is used you  and you get no Save as dialog your canges should be saved the backing file should be changed.