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    Steve Dave Level 1

      At the risk of sounding lame, I thought I'd give this a try because I've looked pretty much everywhere else.


      1. So I make a new brush in photoshop. Works perfectly.


      2. As I switch to my dual brush window and look to load the new brush into the previously selected brush, it seems like the new brush I just made is randomly placed. I don't understand.


      3. I have to hunt down that brush in a relatively large brush library and it has a small thumbnail so it compounds the problem and takes even longer to find the brush. Any ideas how new brushes get added to the dual brush palette so I can go straight to the new brush I just made so I can use it as a texture/ pattern?


      Thanks so much in advance.



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          ahmed_waheib Level 2

          Hi Steve,


          Can you please share screenshots

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Dual Brush is perhaps not the most intuitive of presets.  Basically it uses the fisrt brush to constrain the extent of the dual brush. But you can adjust settings for primary and dual brush independantly.


            So selecting a hard round brush as the primary preset, which gives a stroke the width of the upper line below, and then adding the leaf preset as the dual, and setting it so that it would normall spread beyond the primary brush, causes it to be cut off at the width of the primary brush.  You are using the dual brush to place texture inside the primary brush preset.

            I don't know if that helps, but as Ahmed says, a screen shot or two would definitely help us to help you.

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              Steve Dave Level 1

              Thanks so much for your response and interest you guys!


              Here is a quick breakdown of my question in hopes to clarify.  Thanks so much in advance for you PS prowess and helpfulness!