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    Two questions please

    billyc88920796 Level 1

      1. I just changed my graphics card because my built in card won't let me open the "Rig" panel

      without error. Got a GTX 1050 TI card and now I can open the Rig panel without an error.

      However, the panel is blank. The puppet does not show up in the panel. Where it shows

      "puppet", it says "none" in blue letters. Could it be because it is one of those free puppets

      that I got off the Internet? I tried Wilka or something like that and Crimson. They only come

      with a .puppet file. i.e. Crimson.puppet. Could this be the reason?  I watched a video and did

      exactly like was shown. I am in the process of making my own puppet in Photoshop but not

      finished yet to try it out.


      Every time I open the program, it brings the project I was working on the last time. How can

      I clear out all of this.


      The second question is not that important because I can always just click "new project" but

      I really would like to work on the Rig part as part of my learning.