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    effect of disk type on rendering in AE

    TimSx Level 1

      There are a lot of different disk types on the market:


      • SSD
      • m.2 SSD
      • PCIe SSD
      • SATA 5.4k RPM / 7.2k RPM / 10k RPM
      • SCSI 7.2k RPM / 10k RPM  / 15k RPM
      • IDE
      • SAS



      Is render speed dependant on disk type? If so, what disk type do you recommend for fastest rendering in AE?

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Well I do not use AE much but if you want to see export performance from Premiere Pro with a very disk intensive timeline you can see how fast each of many different types are capable of doing.  I have not tested the more antique of your list.


          Be careful as for instance you list M.2 and PCIe types but you need more information on those.  M.2 can be either SATA III or it can be PCIe Gen 3 x4.  SATA III is 6Gbit/s where M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 is 32Gbit/s.


          At this time I never intend to buy more hard disk drives, I have over 20 TB laying around with old data and projects.


          Your question of  "Is render speed dependant on disk type?" depends on your workflow and your media, so it is difficult to answer.  Much of AE is highly CPU and memory intensive.