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    IOS App Store - Your app provides a limited user experience .!!


      Hello there,

      We are newbie in developing apps within phonegap

      We have designed two apps within phonegap dedicated for classifieds

      The android app have been successfuly accepted by google play store

      While IOS app rejected by apple app store

      They rejected the app with both the following message & attached picture :

      # Reject message start

      Your app provides a limited user experience as it is not sufficiently different from a mobile browsing experience. As such, the experience it provides is similar to the general experience of using Safari. Including iOS features such as push notifications, Core Location, and sharing do not provide a robust enough experience to be appropriate for the App Store.


      Please see attached screenshots for details.


      Next Steps


      To resolve this issue, please revise your app to provide a more robust user experience by including additional native iOS functionality.


      If you cannot - or choose not to - revise your app to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may wish to build an HTML5 web app instead. You can distribute web apps directly on your web site; the App Store does not accept or distribute web apps.


      For more information about creating web apps, refer to the Configuring Web Applications section of the Safari Web Content Guide.


      For a description of the HTML elements and attributes you can use in Safari on iPhone, check out Safari HTML Reference: Introduction.

      # Reject message end

      We have verified that the there are neither syntax not programming error in app code

      But from the attached picture with rejection message it shows that the IOS app screen is padding to left side leaving thin white space in the right side, as shown :


      How could we solve this problem ?

      Any help will be appreciated & we can provide app source code for further investigations

      Thanks in advance for all

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Apple wants your app to provide some value over and above a mobile browsing experience. Although your app runs in a webview with the assistance of PhoneGap, that same webview is NOT a browser. Apple is of the opinion that if you're just going to present a mobile website as an app, that the user is better off using their own mobile browser (in this case, Mobile Safari) to use your site. PhoneGap should NOT be used as a way to get an icon on the user's home screen -- the mobile browser can do that too.


          It's also possible they are taking issue with the UI design, which doesn't look significantly different from a typical web site. You should read and follow the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. They aren't sticklers on this, and your app's look and feel is allowed to be nonstandard (see Google's apps which use Material Design), but Apple does insist that your app feels more like an app than a website.


          As to the white gap on the left side, that's not your only problem. Your app is also having problems avoiding the status bar, and isn't using the correct color for the status bar text (on that color, the status text should be white).


          Think about what native functionality your app needs or could otherwise benefit from, and add that. Note that sharing, geolocation, and such are no longer sufficient to meet Apple's requirements.


          Hope that helps!