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    Auto Add Delete Anchor ?? PEN TOOL MANUAL NO INDEX NO MANUAL ?


      I just wasted 2 hrs trying to figure out how the pen tool works in Photoshop CC 2017    The tutorial I am watching says to use AUTO ADD DELETE checkbox  in the top tool bar.   Mine has not a check box.    

      If only I had a manual with an index !  But no I can not find it quikly because adobe has no manual with no index.  I search "PEN TOOL" in the latest reference and I get zero results.  I go to the online manual and it appears that they think I have all the time in the world to slowly dig through there online manual to find pen tool.

      Really this embroils me with frustration because I feel that information is deliberately difficult to find.   I have to buy a book that has a manual.

      I dont see an option to install older versions of photoshop so I could use a version that SHOW THE AUTO ADD DELete checkbox as the tutorials I am whatching states.


      I want to learn the pen tool so I have waisted half my morning chasind my tail to find information that should be by law included with my purchase of my program  A



      until then I need explicit answers on how to use pen tools in photoshop cc 2017 please