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      I use a computer which originally had two accounts.
      One for an admin, one I created for general use.



      I rarely ever used the admin account and done all work on the general account.

      My sibling had problems with their PC, so they asked to use mine.

      I then quickly created an extra account; Extra.


      So the accounts would be:

      General (mine), Admin, and Extra (for sibling)


      The problem started with Adobe Photoshop (CS6).

      My sibling on Extra used PS to create some artwork.

      Now, I hadn't realised until the next day, when I logged on to General (my account) and went to hit open, then it showed the last opened location accessed by Photoshop on the PC -- basically my sibling's Photoshop files.


      On my old PC we never had this problem.
      Now, if I open/access any of my Photoshop files, when my sibling logs on to Extra, he clicks "open" and it directly locates into the General User's (mine) last open folder location that was used.


      I have tried playing around with the properties and sharing, no luck. Someone help, please!
      I don't want to see their work and them to see mine. How do I prevent it the PC from opening up the Photoshop's last accessed file as a whole and restrict it to the last file opened by the user using it. E.g. My sibling created and last accessed a file called "Headshots.psd", and my last was "Mermaids.psd", so that when my sibling uses it next, it shows "Headshots.psd" and not "Mermaids.psd" (which would have been the last open file on Photoshop according to the PC)


      Oh, by the way, when using Photoshop, we have to access it through using the Admin's account password because of unknown credentials or something.
      And when the last file is not removed from the "Open Recent", other users who log on and are on Photoshop can see the same file on "Open Recent" -- unless it is removed, then it removes it for all. It seems Photoshop is 'synced' or linked somehow.