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    absolute minimum folders to give developers to make webhelp work in application

      We are starting to do daily builds for our application and since we have a fair amount of help topics developed for our application, they want to "hook" the help into the application so that in can be reviewed by our QA staff. To do this, the build developer has to check the files into Team Foundation Server. He said he is having problems doing this because:

      1. Some of the folders contain names with invalid characters. They are in “\!SSL!\Printed_Documentation” folder named “$*”. $ is a reserved character in TFS and thus can’t be checked into TFS.

      2. Some of the file names are too long and make the total qualified path exceed the maximum allowed characters. We will need to rename them or come up with different folder structure. It would be nice if we can keep the fully qualified path length to a maximum of 128 characters.

      My question is: What are the minimum folders that I can give to the build developer so that the online help will work? Do I need to give him every folder in our help file or can I just give the WebHelp folder that has all of the compiled help?

      Thanks in advance for your time.