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    Please help!!!! fps lagging!



         I'm a complete newbie to adobe animate, so I'm sorry if the answer is really obvious.

         When I play my animation, the frame rate goes from 24 to around 17, then back up to 24. It does fine for a few seconds, then starts doing worse. One time, it went down to 7 fps for a few seconds, and didn't go back for the remaining duration of the animation. This has been going on for days and it's incredibly stressful! It's practically impossible to work with when 9/10 times it doesn't play at the correct speed.


         I use Microsoft Surface Pro for my animations, and it is completely up to date. (I got it in late September)


         It began having this issue when I accidentally clicked one of my previous projects instead of 'file'. Before that, it would play just fine.


         Please help!!