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    Photoshop CS5 [Unable to reinstall upgrade version: earlier version serial number not accepted]


      Case 0223223057 08 10 2017


      Michael Faunce-Brown [Personal email address removed by moderator]


      Reply|       08 10 2017

      Today, 19:44


      My case still remains unresolved.


      I bought the CD for Photoshop years ago in Australia from Adobe.


      I used it for several years, legitimately.


      My PC crashed about a month ago.


      Since then I have not been able to use it, because you insist on my providing the activation number of an earlier version.

      I have done so, but you don't accept it.


      This is unjust and patently absurd.


      If you will not allow me to use my paid for CD, I will have to take legal advice.


      I don't know what your motives are, but it is time you re-assessed the situation.




      Michael Faunce-Brown