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    Support for XCode 9?


      I'm building a mobile app using PhoneGap Build for my Mendix app. As per the issue I'm having from the link below:


      The module maintainer requires me to use XCode to build the app. I do not have any answer to the suggestion from the maintainer. I should also mention that from my typical phonegap build process, I never used XCode, since from Mendix side and Adobe Phonegap side, everything is done automatically for me. Does anyone have any solution for this issue I'm having?

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          andersborglund Level 2

          Well, he hints that it might work if PGB was built with XCode 9. I have no idea whether it is.


          I also get errors when building an app that has this plugin with PGB for either cli-6.5.0 or cli-7.0.1, but the re-occurring error for me is missing IOSurface. I can't see that in your log. IOSurface was introduced with iOS 11, so my guess is that it was added to this plugin then.


          I currently also rely on PGB to do the job.


          Can you confirm the error you get? Do you get the same error if you build with only this plugin?


          I noticed you don't use a license key for cordova-background-geolocation-lt. Do you build for only iOS?


          I use github.com/transistorsoft/cordova-background-geolocation.git with a license key.