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    populate text field from several dropdown selections

    sarahp26444118 Level 1

      I have created a from where by I make a selection from a dropdown list and it puts a sentence into a text field from the export value. I am using the following code in a custom format script that someone helped me with.

      var f = event.target;

      var pos = f.currentValueIndices; //position sélectionnée

      this.getField("Speaking").value = f.getItemAt(pos, true);


      I want the text field to be able to add a second or third line of text from a different dropdown menu. I this possible?


      Currently the new selection will just overwrite the previous selection. Each dropdown menu has 5 options- limited, basic, sound, high, outstanding and I want a different sentence to insert for each selection.

      On another post someone told me to do a custom calculation script for the textfield as follows:


      var v1 = this.getField("Speaking").valueAsString;

      var v2 = this.getField("Writing").valueAsString;

      if (v1=="sound" && v2=="basic") event.value = "Speaking sound outcome\nWriting basic outcome";


      But to do this I would have to write an if statement for each combination and in some areas of my document I have up to 5 dropdown menus feeding into the text field. Is there an easier way to do it? Thanks