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    Photoshop 3d camera rotated instead of 3d layer (+Video)

    Silverbell Level 1

      photoshop 3d rotation problem - YouTube

      Here is the video where i am showing you my problems. I just began to learn photoshop3D tool and what i want to do eventually is to create all my matte paintings and position them in Photoshop to create sense of depth and parallax and then export them as a 3d layers into after effects to create animation and further editing. Dont know if it will be possible though.But anyways I use Photoshop 2014.2.2 and my problem is that i cannot rotate my 3d plane of a tree image, instead of it just the camera rotated. Also if i will find 3d rotation tool for the object will i have to adjust the pivot point of a layer before transforming it into 3d layer? Also i would like to know if i will be able to properly export it into after effects later? Thanks