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    counter field by javascript dropdown menu

    hackert25684722 Level 1

      i work this javascript code menu :



      var MyItems = new Array("1","2","3");



      now i want a script help if user choose option "2" then count ++ field name BOX (1...2...3..4...5..............)


      i try this but not working :



      if (event.value=="2")


      count ++;


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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          So you want the number value in a text field to be incremented when the user selects "2" from the dropdown? Is this correct.


          If it is then enter this Validation script into the dropdown


          if(event.value == 2)



          When you are driving events from a dropdown, then the code that performs the action should be in one of the dropdown scripts that is activated on a selection. The Validation script is a good choice.