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      Hi everyone!


      I’m doing an ebook for a client and I’m trying to convert it to EPUB, but whenever I click “OK” to convert, my InDesign freezes and the rainbow wheel comes up and keeps spinning and spinning. I waited for it to load and hopefully convert for an hour or so but it wouldn’t budge. So I would always have to force quit InDesign. Here are the specs:


      – Page size is 5.25×8″
      – The eBook has been divided per chapter and has about 10-20 pages per chapter

      - I tried exporting the whole Book file to EPUB, it would still get stuck

      – I tried exporting the title page to epub; which is about 5 pages, and it would still get stuck
      – I’m exporting to EPUB Reflowable 2.0.1
      – The only images on it is a small moon on the chapter pages, and the title of the book on the title page
      – I’m using InDesign CC 2017.1 on Mac Sierra 10.12.6
      – Fonts are Avenir Roman & Oblique, Charcuterie Block, and Ashbury Light


      I’ve been trying to fix this problem for a while now and I’m running short on time as the deadline is this week! Help!

      If you need any other information to help solve this, I’ll gladly provide it!