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    loading external swf and Roll_OVER ROLL_OUT Events...


      Suppose the following scenario:

      My application has some handlers attached for the rollover and rollout events. the seem to work pretty fine. But i have to add into my application an swf, so i add it using an Image Object. This new Image Object containing my external swf file is into my application. Now Roll_OUT event of my application fires when i enter the swf Image Object, that is inside my application!!!

      What am i doing wrong? I attach an example

      Maybe that swf has events on it...

      I am really confused about this behaviour in flex
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          thewarpedcoder Level 1
          I sat typing into the quick reply, but this isn't sorry.

          The issue here is that when you roll over another object within the application it assumes that you have moved out of the current object even if the new object is within the container of the current object.

          Hope that makes sense upto now. I had the same problem and had to do this...

          On mouse Over pr Rollover on internal object I run the stop propogation and then restart the mouse over of the parent container.

          private function stopGadget(e:MouseEvent):void
          // Stops the current mouse over running the parent container mouse over. Then reloads the parent container for the gadget bar (BIT OF A HACK)

          I think my comment sums it up a BIT of a Hack.
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            cohnen Level 1
            Thank you for your reply.

            I understand that if rolling over the inner swf, that fires the rollout event of the parent. But the problem is that i can not touch the inner swf file...

            I appreciate your tip, but it is not working from me. Check the attached Example.

            If i move over the main application >>RollOver
            If i enter the swf in a corner >> SWF RollOver and No >> Roll Out
            If i enter a link of the inner swf >> SWF RollOut and >> Roll Out

            So whenever i enter an object in Inner SWF where there is an onMouseEver, rollout effects are fired for my application. Is there a way that i can check if the event has triggered by another swf?

            Thank you again for your help