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    Recording Software on another computer

      Is there some way of capturing a software application that exists on another computer and that will retain the quality and movement?
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi there PPDDWW and welcome to this forum.

          The easiest way is to load Captivate onto that machine and then work from there. however, if this other computer is physically not accessible to you, then you will need some form of remote connection to it and this would depend on what is allowed on the remote PC.
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            PPDDWW Level 1

            Thanks for the fast response.

            Your comment made me think a little differently than I was before. Would it be possible to temporarily load Captivate to someone elses computer without the cost? Maybe the trial would be fully functional enough to allow me to create and gather the output?? Just thinking out loud.

            What would be a reliable and clean remote type of connection that you mentioned?

            Thanks for the help!

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Welcome to our community, Paul

              You might give that approach a try. I know the trial of Captivate is fully functional save one aspect. It configures an Expiration Date for anything you create with it. But once you register, the area of the application where you are able to turn it off, on and configure the date becomes available. So you normally have to go disable expiration for any project created with the trial.

              I'm not sure how Captivate will behave in this respect. I would think you might be able to use the trial to record a project. Then copy the .CP file from the trial PC to the fully registered PC and see if it opens and allows removing the expiration.

              If you try this approach, please post back to advise us how well it went or didn't go.

              Cheers... Rick
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                PPDDWW Level 1
                Thanks for the help!
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                  jojolina Level 1
                  Hi Paul and thanks to Rick for also climbing in here!!

                  What I normally do is copy my version of Captivate 3 onto a memory stick (path = C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Captivate 3). This creates your very own, portable, trial version that can be used on any other pc.
                  Plug the memory stick into the other PC and, instead of installing, simply open the AdobeCaptivate.exe on your memory stick. When requested for the registration code, simply select Trial Version and you will have 30 days available on that PC. As Rick said however, please edit on your own machine and make sure that project expirations have been reset.
                  If this is a long term project, then you would need to register your Captivate 3 licence on that machine, you are allowed to have 2 computers live with the same licence. Just PLEASE remember to uninstall Captivate 3 when you are done with the project so that your 2nd licence is released again.

                  Re the remoteware issue, I am sorry, but my knowledge in that area is zero, so if anybody else out there can help, then please climb in. Rick, I believe you have used some form of remoteware with your training courses, maybe......