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    Small problem with rollover function

      I followed this tutorial using CS3 ( http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx20...ton_effect.htm)

      Instead of designing a button (used in the tutorial) I used a car wheel that starts at the bottom of the page and then the wheel rises when its rolled over and drops back down once you roll off the wheel.

      The problem is that when I publish my .fla into a .swf to test it the wheel immediately is in the up position when the .swf launches. When I roll over the wheel for the first time it quickly snaps down to the bottom position. After that the rollover function does work smoothly where the wheel smoothly rises when I roll over it and smoothly drops when I roll off of it.

      So I am trying to figure out how to have the wheel in the original lower position when the .swf launches instead of it being in the upper position.

      you can view the actual problem online at http://www.icon-media.com/test/xtremerhino/

      Click on the WHEELS button

      Is there something I can add or change in the code shown in the tutorial?

      Appreciate any help and feel free to contact me directly at swilkinson@icon-media.com