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    Spinning beach ball on every click

    Rick Meikle Level 1

      I've been putting up with absurdly slow functioning of Acrobat Pro DC (ACC2017) for at least a year or two. Every click would bring up a spinning beach ball for about 15 seconds. Online searches turned up nothing. Finally found a post suggesting trashing of preferences, and that solved the problem. However, the reason that solved the problem, at least in my case, was that it changed the preference for Page Display > Resolution back to "Custom resolution" (which is the default). Changing it to "Use system setting" causes the problem. This is clearly a defect in code that I hope Adobe will fix. (Incidentally, "Use system setting" is important because it allows pages viewed at 100% to also match the printed size...or in other words, 8.5" x 11" on screen matches an 8.5" x 11" paper page.) In case this problem only affects certain systems and configurations, I am running a mid-2010 Mac Pro (quad core, 48GB RAM, 2TB SSD startup in PCIe slot), High Sierra 10.13 (though the problem was present in previous system releases), Adobe CC 2017 (including current version Acrobat DC), NEC PA271W display.