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    Why is Elements 14 - Camera Raw Version 9.5 not compatible to my camera?


      I recently purchased Panasonic Lumix tz80 and a tz90 camera.  The tz80 is for my husband, the tz90 for myself.  I like to take my photos in RAW format, and even though both cameras have the same RAW format RW2, my version of Camera Raw will not accept the photos from the tz90 and yet happily accepts the photos from the tz80.  I have done a little research on this, and it appears that the tz90 requires the upgraded version of 9.7 which also means purchasing an upgraded version of Photoshop Elements.  I am quite happy with 14 at the moment and only purchased this last year, before the release of 15 so really don't want to lay out any more money at the moment.  Has anybody else had this problem.Photoshop Elements