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    How do I get a more modern look and feel for a compiled help file

      I gather from reading various posts that there is no easy way to generate a .chm file with a more modern look and feel (am I right about this?). Are there no plug-ins available from Adobe that will enable us to generate a help file that looks more modern?

      I hesitate to move to flash help or something like that because, of course, then the developers would have to hookup the hundreds of dialog boxes we have in our product to the new files. I also think that having one file is way easier to manage in terms of getting updated help to the customers. What are online Help developers generally delivering for apps where users are not connected to the Internet except perhaps periodically while using the software? I'm a writer (not a developer) so need soemthing that is easy to implement :-)

      Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.