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    Watermark on Stock Photos

    NikkitaCollection Level 1

      This may be a stupid question but I am very new to photo shop. I have created a bunch combined pictures using adobe stock photos and completed them prior to purchase so they have the photo shop watermark on them, now I have purchased the licence to the photos and the watermarks are still there on my completed work.

      Can I fix this or do I have to do all the pictures over again uploading the clean stock photos?

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Depends on how you did it. If you have flattened/merged layers, or performed direct pixel adjustments (as opposed to adjustment layers) - then you need to redo it.


          If you kept each photo as a separate layer, with a layer mask if you needed to mask out portions, it should be fairly straightforward. Then you can put the new version over the old and use Edit > Auto-Align to match position, orientation and any transforms. Layer masks can just be dragged over.


          Adjustment layers can also be dragged over, although you may need to re-"clip to underlying layer".

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Summing up, there are two ways to do nearly everything in Photoshop: destructively and non-destructively. In the latter case, you keep full re-editability so that you can go back and change anything.


            Actually there are about 17 ways to do everything, but they fall broadly into those two categories

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              And working non-descructively in Photoshop often means:

              Smart Objects, Smart Objects, Smart Objects. (Also Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks etc. but even after more than a decade of existing Smart Objects do not seem to enjoy universal appreciation.)

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                NikkitaCollection Level 1

                Ok I think I am going to try this out. For the most part I kept everything on separate layers with masks. Worst case scenario I have to start over but learned some lessons- watermarked photos are for general placement etc only & not for completing the project.

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional


                  You may want to read this.

                  Using Adobe Stock

                  If you use stock photos by adding them to your library then placing them as smart objects linked to your library, when you licence them the linked photos will update in your open document. No delete and replace required



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                    charles designer Level 3

                    That is literally the best Photoshop advice I've read, it's so, so true!


                    I find the 17 different ways of accomplishing the same (Or close to) end result, it's often down to personal preference - I've been shown ways to do something 5 minutes quicker but because I've been doing it my way for 5 years it's hard to change strips! I actively have to stop myself and consciously try to do it the quicker or better way. live and learn