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    TCS 2017 suddenly in trial mode & returns to trial even after inputting license

    Ioana_St Level 1



      My company has a shared license* of TCS 2017 and starting yesterday one of my coworkers is having a problem with her license. Apparently, she ended up in trial mode somehow and her trial expired yesterday. She tried to add the license key to her account and TCS still showed up as a trial with 0 days left. She then reinstalled TCS completely, but it still won't take her license key (no error, but after the license key step, the installer simply asks her to log in again and enter the license key again, etc). No one else in the office has the same problem.


      If I need to contact support - how? As far as I understand, you can't simply send an email, you need to be logged in and have the product added to your account. Given that it's a company license, I doubt my boss will allow me to add it to my personal account... does he need to do it? Or is there a different procedure for this?


      * I am not sure if "shared license" is the correct term, but we basically have one key used by the entire department, and Adobe bills us yearly based on the number of people who used the key.