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    Passing a varibable back to ActionScript via HTTPRequest

    wkolcz Level 1
      I have a CF page that generates a Unique ID (UUID). I have an HTTPRequest passes information to a CF page and I want it to generate the number and then return it to ActionScript where it can use it as a local variable. Any idea on how to do that? Would I do that in the resulthandler? Here is what I have for a HTTPRequest:

      private function startTrackIt(trackInfo:Object):void {
      var service:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
      service.url = "tracker.cfm"; //Dev
      service.method = "POST";
      service.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, timingSaved);
      service.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, alertFault);


      What would I need to do next to set a local variable in my AS? In a RemoteObject, I usually set the a variable, typed ArrayCollection, in the ResultHandler.