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    Firefox 3

    HKabaker Level 2
      Installed Ffx 3 today in Win XP environment.

      For WebHelp output from RH 7 (including updates), basic functions look OK, including TOC, Index and Search. (Probably Glossary, too, but haven't tried.)

      Haven't tried Show/Hide in the topic window.

      If anyone has problems, please post.


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          Been running Firefox 3 all week and no problems. Tested about 10 different projects. Some are WebHelp and some are FlashHelp.
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            As I mentioned in this thread, I am having some problems with Webhelp in Firefox, both in v2 and v3 (although v3 does seem to be a step in the right direction). I realize that this is due mainly to a script change that I implemented, but the inconsistency of showing and hiding the nav pane, failure to underline links on hover, and the inclusion of the address bar (even though it's suppressed fine in IE and Safari) are bothersome. I also understand that IE isn't the best platform to base my system on, but it is the de facto standard and it does do everything I have asked of it. Safari does also have other issues as well.

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              HKabaker Level 2
              Perhaps you can refine your script so Firefox will handle it the way you want.

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                chriskeeling Level 1
                I am working on that.

                I've definitely narrowed the navigation pane problems to that script. The hyperlink underline and address bar issues I have yet to approach. I have never worked with Firefox (or Safari) before, so I'm pretty much operating on trial-and-error. If I can find a solution, I'll post it.


                EDIT: I found some "features" I hadn't known about in Firefox (and also Safari and IE 7) and posted them in a small table in the other thread here.
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                  Mentioned this in my thread, WebHelp Navigation Pane Killed by FireFox 3.

                  WebHelp seems to be broken in Macintosh + FireFox 3.
                  My engineers are filing bugs and the code freeze is this Wednesday.