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    Dropdown text not working in Preview, IE, or FF


      Hi all,

      I've recently started testing dropdown text in my project and I'm noticing that they don't seem to work as expected.


      I'm on RH 2015 ( Up to date as of today.

      Tried the Tools > Update DHTML Effects option already.


      Here's the HTML code for reference:

      <h3><?rh-dropspot_start class="dropspot" dataid="POPUP487145713" href="javascript:TextPopup(this)"

      id="a1" ?>Add a New Group<?rh-dropspot_end ?></h3>

      <?rh-droptext_start class="droptext" id="POPUP487145713" style="display: none;" ?>

      <p>To create a new group, click the <span style="font-weight: bold;">New</span>

      icon. Select a dashlet from the available list and click <span style="font-weight: bold;">Add.</span></p>

      <p>The new group will be added to the left-most column. </p>

      <p><img src="dashboard_groups03.gif" alt="" style="border: none;" border="0" /></p>

      <p>Change the group name by typing in the group name field.</p>

      <p>Click and drag the group to a different column.</p>

      <p>Add new links to the group by dragging them in from the unused links

      column.</p><?rh-droptext_end ?>



      When I use preview and click on this dropdown hotspot, I get an error

      If I use View with... IE or FF, nothing happens when I click on the hotspot.

      If I select Chrome, the dropdown works as expected.


      Any ideas what could be causing this?


      Thanks, JS