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    Opening animation won't start

      I've been working on this for ever and haven't found a fix. Believe me I've Googled til I gagged.
      It's really simple. I have a preloader that, when complete, goes to the main action script. The stage loads, all my buttons are there but the movie clip of the Home text doesn't animate onto the stage. The user must press the Home button to get the text on the page.
      I really appreciate any help!
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I have never used an onLoad method before, but in looking thru the help documentation, I'm wondering if you need another onLoad type of command, such as onLoadComplete.

          I'm also wondering if you need that call at all since your preloader should have taken care of that aspect, meaning in stead of having:

          _root.onLoad = function() {
          currentPage = "contentHome_mc";

          just have:

          currentPage = "contentHome_mc";

          You'll know better than me if that will affect things elsewise in your code/timeline
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            kaylix Level 1
            Thx Ned,
            I tired the exactly what you described, still no luck.
            The first action for contentHome_mc is a stop();
            If I remove it the animation works. But when choosing another action the page won't animate off even though the currentPage var is set.
            So I end up with page content moving on and off the stage with the original content stuck in the background on the stage.