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    Problem to load a responsive site on small devices


      I made my first responsive site, using Adobe Muse and on desktops, the site works very well, but on small devices (cell phones and tablets) it takes a lot of time to load.
      Can you help me with this problem?


      Here's the link to my .muse





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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          You use way too many breakpoints. Breakpoints should be used rarely. Only looking at the master there are many breakpoints not needed, because the layout does not "break" at some breakpoints.

          Use the scrubber and try to delete as many breakpoints as possible.

          Especially the breakpoint at 320 is not needed at all. There are no smaller devices as than 320, so the minimum width should be 320, that`s it.

          The more breakpoints you use, the heavier your muse gets.

          You should repeat this for all pages.


          Best Regards,


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            Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

            In addition: Try test-wise, to replace all web font by Arial (Select all elements on layout/master page choose the text tool and select „Arial“. Does this accelerate your site?

            If yes, go to „Site Properties/Advanced“ and

            select Character Set: „Default Subset“ and

            Load pages faster using fallback fonts"

            The last option will accelerate page load significantly, because during load time, standard fonts are used, being replaced by your web fonts, when page load is complete.

            As one more test: What happens if you delete the HTML code in "Page Properties/Metadata" of your master page?

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