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    replacing a .chm in a merged system

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      Encountering an odd problem:

      In trying to puzzle out the search issues in RH, as a test I made a completely new project for one of our existing .chms. I did this to test whether there is something wrong with RH and/or the master project, or if things have become corrupted in one or more sub-projects.

      The two projects are identical, save for the project names and the use of some extra body text to visually distinguish between topics from the new project and the same topics in the original project.

      After creating the new project, I created a link and merged it into the master project. I've also deleted the link for the old one, and removed its chm from the folder where our current help files are stored.

      I then recompiled.

      The problem: Searching for the topics returns the versions from the old .chm. Directly navigating takes me to the topics from the new .chm. The new .chm topics do not appear in any searches.

      This is not the first time I've encountered "ghost" topics in our help system. Previously, I found a project that had had most of its topic htm files deleted, with bad links, yet the topics were still appearing in our help system (direct or through search).

      I am now going to try creating a new master file from scratch, to see what effect this might have. However, I remain totally in the dark as to how RH operates. To be honest, most functions seem to work either randomly or not at all, with no rhyme or reason.