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    Accessing copied path after logged out

    Dani Szwarc Level 1

      Hello people, I'm having an issue within a Coldfusion application.

      The user logs in and access a page. The page contains two links: one to another cfm page and the other one to an image.

      1. If I copy the URL of the image and then log out from the application, and then paste this URL into the address bar of any browser (which is within the same path) I will be able to see the image. This shouldn't be happening, the Application.cfm page should redirect my request to the login page.


      2. However, if I do the same thing with the other link, the one that will take me to the cfm page, then the Application.cfm page will redirect the request to the login page, as it should.


      Anyone with an idea how to avoid the behavior described in item 1?


      Thank you