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    TV Programs

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      Is TV too lame for the Lounge?   I feel the need to share that I am loving the new Star Trek Discovery.  By heck the production values have com a long way since Captain Kirk flipped the cover on a die-cast box straight out of the Radio Spares catalogue.    The sound is awesome as well.  I had my sub woofer thingie working so hard, one of my cats thought it was another earthquake, and was doing wall of death round the house trying to get out.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have original Star Trek and all of the spinoffs on Netflix, plus a few other old series that I watch when I have time


          For new stuff...

          Amazing Race  Both wife & I

          Ammerica Got Talent Both wife & I

          APB   Both wife & I

          Blue Bloods  Both wife & I

          Bull   Both wife & I

          Dancing With The Stars Both wife & I

          Hawaii 5-0  Both wife & I

          IZombie   Just me

          Lucifer  Just me

          NCIS   Both wife & I

          So You Think Dance Both wife & I

          Supergirl  Just me

          Survivor  Both wife & I

          The Good Doctor  Both wife & I

          World of Dance  Both wife & I

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            S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

            John T Smith- amusing! So many of your "Just me" shows are MY "Just Me" shows! But I have to add Supernatural, Flash and a few others (mostly, CW stuff - my boyfriend's not so into that, and he DOES watch Lucifer with me, and I was shocked that he likes Supergirl). The one that had me TOTALLY addicted since season 1 is So You Think You Can Dance. I love watching these ambitious, talented kids do what they do (I liked last season's WOD, too). Now, my BF is very NOT into "the arts" and dance is extremely low on his priority scale, so imagine my surprise that he's as addicted as I am! Those're just about the only reality shows we watch.


            Trevor.Dennis - I've only seen the first Discovery- and have been a fan of Star Trek since the original series WAS original (made my parents bring a tv into the dining room so I could watch Capt. Kirk - my first love). I LOVED Discovery - and am blown away at the effects - and the MAKEUP! Seriously - is THAT how a Klingon looks?! COOL!
            OTOH, I'm also enjoying The Orville - which has some really fun references to Star Trek, although it's more Galaxy Quest as a show...

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I burned out on Star Trek after the Next Generation concluded.   My husband watches American Idol which is moving from FOX to ABC but I gave up on it years ago.


              Favorites we both like:

              House of Cards --Netflix

              The Good Fight (spinoff from the Good Wife) - CBS streaming

              Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry David) - HBO

              Jimmy Kimmel Live - ABC

              Saturday Night Live - NBC

              Jeopardy (quiz show)

              Mission Impossible, original series - MeTV

              The Fugitive, original series - MeTV


              My favorites:

              Almost anything on the Science Channel

              Almost anything on Amazon Prime's Curiosity Stream

              Almost anything on Tuner Movie Classics

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This may be odd for a 70 year old guy, but as well as Super Girl I really enjoyed the Buffy series (original movie was Campy, but OK) which was another one with a strong, kick butt heroine

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  I'd not heard of The Orville, but I have just watched the first few minutes of the first episode, and it looks interesting. 


                  We are mostly into Brit drama like




                  The Night Manager (an all time favourite)

                  Taboo (dark but compelling — we can't wait for series 2)

                  Last Tango in Halifax

                  Happy Valley


                  But we love a lot of the American shows like



                  West World (just me, but by heck that was a good series)

                  Longmire (just me again, and thank you Netflix for an extra series)

                  The Americans (one of our favourites)

                  24 — Jack Bauer's 'Man Bag' uses TARDIS technology to enable it to hold an infinite number of magazines and small machine pistols, but I have no doubt he could pull a half decent surface to air missile from the bag if the situation required it.

                  By myself, I like Discovery Turbo, but I don't watch much TV without my wife.


                  Something we just recently got into is No Offence.  It creams along at an incredible pace, is incredibly funny, and as likely to lead to bing watching as any series I can think of.

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                    Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                    Trevor.Dennis  wrote


                    I feel the need to share that I am loving the new Star Trek Discovery.

                    I hate everything about it, the dark sets, the marry jane hero, the fact K have no honor or face now and the lack of anything 'star trek' (we shot first, we don't follow orders hell lets send both top officers on a suicide mission duing a battle so the ship has nobody to command it) and of course the black girl must be a total F-up so send her *** to jail but each to their own


                    on the up side the animation is ok

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                      S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

                      Yay, Buffy!!!!

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                        S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

                        But she's going to be the HERO! And, remember this is before they had any experience - hell, they even had a different name for the "Prime Directive"...