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    Cross-domain getURL

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      I have read the doc about cross-domain issue, quite confusing for my

      1. I have demo.html, continas a demo.swf, which has a button:

      on (release) {

      2. I have a sudomain, a.example.com, which contains a frame to
      b.example.com/demo.html, i.e. the demo.html s in b.example.com

      3. When I visit b.example.com/demo.html, the alert show up on the browser

      4. When I visit a.example.com, the alert did not show up (IE7)

      5. When I visit a.example.com on FF, the alert did show up

      So at this stage, I am a little bit confusing, seems this is related to
      the browser settings?

      Anyone can help?