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    Dropdowns disappear when scrolling in Android

    kathrynp525648 Level 1

      I have a PhoneGap app that has been released on iOS. I'm working on the Android version now. I have various autocomplete dropdowns implemented: a google-based location picker, a user last name search, and a college input autocomplete. They all work as expected in iOS. But on Android, the autocompletes work fine and the dropdowns appear, but as soon as I try to scroll the window to see any results that might be behind the keyboard, the dropdowns disappear. In iOS they remain visible until I either choose an option, click something on the screen, or hide the keyboard.

      I am totally new to Android, so I opened up a browser window and typed some things into Google to trigger the autocomplete dropdown, and I can scroll as expected in the window without that dropdown closing.

      I've tried searching through some of the Android manifest settings that I can change via the PhoneGap config.xml but I haven't found anything that looks applicable. I don't want the setting that resizes the window when the keyboard is initiated (android:windowSoftInputMode). Is there some Android specific setting that I'm missing that lets you scroll the window without the dropdown immediately closing, like it does in iOS?