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    cannot set adobe as flashplayer - Win10/Firefox

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      have installed and unistalled flash player and shockwave and have enabled both thru my browser but to no avail cannot get either to play! aslo when i go to choose what player i want it will not give me the option to choose adobe flash player... not sure what i am doing wrong!




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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          You're post is rather cryptic.  Please provide the following information:


          • Explain your problem clearly, and if possible in step-by-step detail
          • A direct link to a web page that demonstrates the problem
          • If you get error messages, please provide a screenshot


          Thank you.




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            3xmimi Level 1

            im kinda new to all this stuff and very dumb as to how it works...the other players i use i have just installed and when i wanted to open a specific file {MOVIE) i just hit play and it works...so if you could help at all i would greatly appreciate it!!


            ok i have downloaded and installed flash player..i then went and added to my browser as it says to do..but when i go to add as default player it will not let me nor can i access it straight from the file...

            maybe i am not doing something right and im rather confused...

            i also installed shockwave and im just not sure how all these are suppose to work...

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              maria__ Adobe Employee
              nor can i access it straight from the file...

              Flash Player plugin is a browser plugin - it works in the browser, not separate from the browser.


              If you have SWF files that you'd like to view, you'll need to download the standalone player (projector), which is posted at Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads


              If you have a website that you are attempting to view Flash on, please post a direct link to the site with the problematic content.