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    Applying a gradient to a layer mask - how do you do this???

    KarlKrueger54 Level 1

      I'm just learning how to work with layers and masks and finding things aren't as easy as it should be - at least don't work like I expect so I hope someone can tell me something basic I'm doing wrong. I have a two layer system and applied a layer mask to the top layer. I want to place a radial gradient on the layer mask to hide some of the top layer. So while I have the layer mask selected, I select the gradient tool > radial gradient > Mode = Screen, Opacity = 100%, Dither checked and Transparency checked. Gradient starts black and goes to white. When I try to make the radial gradient nothing happens using the layer as my guide for drawing the gradient..


      My layer mask works if I simply paint black with a brush tool. So why doesn't this work with the gradient tool?