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    Dynamic text (XML) in multiple occurance movie clip?

      I am trying to load multiple occurances of a set of text fields into a movie-clip. The only way I have found to load multiple instances into a movie clip is by way of attachMovie. But attachMovie only works by attaching movie clips from the library. I have entered the linkage identifer & 1st frame settings in the symbol properties of the movie clip I am trying to use as a template. But it appears that I can't set text values in a library instance - I don't see the movie clip or its fields in debug. Am I going down the wrong road, or have I missed something here? I have attached the code - the problem area is in the "For" group where I am loading Client name, picture and story.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I'm not really clear on the goal, but it appears you are attaching a library item after values have been assigned to something that has its linkage identifier. To assign things to the attached item, you should attach it first, then use its instance name ("mc_client"+i) to assign things to it.

          I may have missed seeing you do that after the fact of attaching the item, but I don't see any function call following the attachment, so I don't think I did.