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    Gradient tool not working properly??

    xboxer214 Level 1

      So I was able to use the Gradient tool successfully to make a thumbnail 2 days ago, but now it seems to be "broken" or at least not doing what its supposed to. Screenshot (378).png

      So this is how my settings are, I am trying to get the two images to fade together, but every time I try this is what happens.

      Screenshot (379).png

      This happens every time even though I got it to work before, also when I click the drop down option for color in the Stops area, and then click on the background or foreground options, it chooses these two colors.

      Screenshot (380).png

      Screenshot (381).png

      I was following this guide How To Fade Two Images Together In Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube  , but now it will not work no matter what  I try and it's making me really annoyed, anyone know how to fix this?