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    multiple audio output

      I need a software that will give me user interactivity.To swap movieclip and swap sound on keyboard events
      I need one pc to be able to do this. However here is the problem..
      I can get as many movies playing as I like by fiddling around with the stage and positioning mc's etc.(This was using flash) and they swap and change properties etc when the relevant event occurs.
      The sound is a big problem. I need to have each of these movies with its own unique sound.So that lets say I have five moveis each will have its own set of headphones. I will be using an M Audio ten channel output sound card
      and I need to be able to send sound seperately to each of these headphones. That is five stereo channels.
      Basically during authoring I need to be able to say play "sound_1" on channel one of my audio interface..play "sound_2" on channel two etc. I have been searching for a software solution to this problem for a little while now and then remembered Director.
      We used flash before and we had to mute and pan channels with a sound object but this still only gave us two.
      We cannot use a whole bunch of pc's to achieve this and besides that just seems a cumbersome way to achieve the above.
      If anyone knows if Director is cabable of doing that I would be most gratefull to hear from them. Or even any software that will work. If you have attempted or come across an answer to this problem I would also be delighted to hear
      Thanks in advance