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    Char Animator no longer reading Illustrator file

    Abando Level 1

      Hi there,


      Character Animator has been playing up a fair bit today for me.


      My puppet is no longer reading updates from the AI file.


      I'm opening the file using Ctrl-E to make sure I'm editing the right file.


      I've included screengrabs of the AI file and have added some random black lines at the base to double-check if CA is updating.  Have re-opened, there are more elements missing in the rigging section of CA.  It's not reading any changes to layer names or new additions to the file.  Added to this, the "angry eyebrows" are randomly now appearing off-centre from the eyes.


      Screengrabs are included below.  Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


      Screenshot (20).png

      2 added lines.png

      Screenshot (21).png