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    Flex builder and 1120 error messages


      At one point in my Flex application, when I create a new container/button/whatever and give it an ID, and then use that ID later on in some function, Flex gives me 1120 error and says that that ID is undefined.

      All the ID:s that I created before this 'one point' are working correctly.

      e.g. I have a textinput with ID="test".

      Then I have a function that uses test.text value to something. Works fine.

      Then after the problem occurred, I create another textinput with ID="test2" in the same place. And try to access test2.text -value – again at the same place where the first one was working – and flex makes an error that says test2 is undefined.

      Even thou, everything works still, the function gets access to test2.text value and nothing is wrong. Put it's frusthrating to have 40 good-for-nothing error and then when there is a real error, it's a pain in the *** trying to find it.

      This is Flex builder 3, and i remember that my Flex builder 2 did the same thing with some project.

      Anyone have any clues?