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    Rejected for technical issues


      I don't understand why not one but about 13 of my recent uploads came back not accepted- reason? technical issues.  My problem, these exact images have sold multiple times on other large stock sites.  I understand there is different criteria to be met on different sites, but these images are on multiple sites and have sold, some numerous times!  Maybe Adobe needs to reconsider who or what is critiquing these images.  It's not worth all the work to upload images and for some vague reason images are rejected.


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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          I took a look at your recent uploads and saw some recent rejects that looked pretty heavy in post processing with ultra sharp/HDR effects. This will often result in rejections as most designers prefer to add their own post processing effects to match their project exactly.


          For specific feedback I recommend you add some examples in the critique forum where you will receive constructive criticism from other contributors.


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          Mat Hayward

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