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    Creative Cloud Automatically converting PDF to jpeg when downloading or file sharing.

    XannyD123 Level 1

      So excited to be here...


      This is also after being locked out of the Adobe chat and after calling the number, being told that they still offer phone support for mobile apps, only to be told by the actual tech support that I have to come here. Now I have to sit and hope that one of you awesome folks can help with my frustrating issue.


      I believe even one of you can help me. So here goes.


      Adobe Illustrator Draw is an absolute pleasure to use on the iPaD Pro. It is really fun and easy. I prefer creating vector art to pixel art because I enjoy the clean lines. I was told that if you have an Adobe Id you can use the mobile apps for free including a free creative cloud membership.


      So I think everything is going great, I‘m creating away, uploading or saving my Draw App creations as .pdf. And every single time I want to send my pdf in an email, or download it to my ipad, or camera roll, it automatically converts it to a jpeg. All I want to know is how to share the file as the actual pdf I saved it as, not a jpeg.  What is the point of Adobe Draw if you can’t share your images in a file type that preserves the quality of the image?


      You cant automatically save the image from the Draw App as a pdf on your iPad. And you can’t download it from the Creative Cloud anywhere as a pdf, at least on the iPad. Let me know if you all come up with a creative workaround? Amy_WongDebbieclawson !