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    Free Creative Cloud Membership--Benefits?

    znod Level 1

      Just color me confused. I am active in the Adobe communiuty via the desktop app. In this regard, I have perpetual license Light Room and a perpetual license Photoshop CS6 Extended (along with Bridge Apparently, I have a free Creative Cloud membership simply because I have these products (possibly mainly since I have perpetual Lightroom. Both are installed on the latest MacBook Pro running the latest update of Sierra.


      I am confused about my rights to various products. For example,  the desktop app shows "Launch" on "Portfolio." Am I allowed to use this product without charge? And, Bridge CC (2017) shows "Install." Do I have the right to install this product without charge. If yes, would the installation of this product interfere with the use of Bridge (i.e., Is each of them a standalone program?)


      I would appreciate any information you can provide me about my rights to use/download CC apps without charge.